Men of October Tournament



Men of October

is a



rotating partners doubles

tournament for

men and women

80 and up.


Men Of October 2017

Men of October 2017 was sponsored by Larry Ott Realty.

Bill Herron was selected by the players for the Dick Kincade Sportmanship Award.

Left: Greg Steger, tournament director

Right: Lien and Bill Herron.




 80-83 Singles  First Larry Leifer
 Second Francis Florey
 Third Bill Herron
 Fourth Donald Rambadt
 Fifth Jim Funk
 85+ Singles
 First Ken Herman
 Second Ralph Carito
 Third Mike Martin
 Fourth Don Milkie
80-84 Doubles  First Bill Herron
 Second Ken Moore
 Third Larry Leifer
 Fourth Merle Levig
85+ Doubles  First Ralph Carito
 Second Bob Becker
 Third Lake Westphal
 Fourth Mike Martin



Men Of October 2016

Men of October 2016 was sponsored by Larry Ott Realty.


Joe Fjelstad was selected by the players for the Dick Kincade Sportmanship Award.


 80-83 Singles  First Bill Herron
 Second Ken Herman
 Third Francis Florey
 Fourth Larry Leifer
 84+ Singles
 First David Faux
 Second Aaron Vederoff
 Third Mike Martin
 Fourth Richard Cheney
80-84 Doubles First Francis Florey
Second Paul Banales
Third – tie Bill Herron, Larry Leifer
85+ Doubles First David Faux
Second Richard Cheney
Third Army Mattern
Fourth Lake Westphal


MOO 2016 participants

MOO 2016 participants






















Men Of October 2015

LINK to Jan Warren’s audio-video summary of MOO 2015 on YouTube.

 80-83 Singles  First  Larry Leifer
 Second  Bill Herron
 Third  Ken Herman
 Fourth  Ken Moore
 84-85 Singles
 First David Faux
 Second  Ralph Stillman
 Third  Dick Cheney
 Fourth  Ralph Waddington
 86+ Singles  First  Army Matern
 Second  Mike Martin
 Third Gerry Morse
 Fourth Joe Fjelstad
80-84 Doubles First Ken Herman
Second David Faux
Third Larry Leifer
Fourth Ralph Carito
85+ Doubles First Ralph Waddington
Second Army Matern
Third Lake Westphal
Fourth Gerry Morse


Dick Kincade Sportsmanship Award Mike Martin was selected by his fellow players for the Dick Kincade Sportsmanship Award. (Link to Dick Kincade Memorial on YouTube put together by Jan Warren.)

MOO 2015 Participants

MOO 2015 Participants






Men Of October 2014


 80-83 Singles  First  Bob Rice
 Second  David Faux
 Third  Ralph Carito
 Fourth  Bill Herron
 84+ Singles
 First  Army Matern
 Second  Dick Kincade
 Third  Joe Fjelstad
 Fourth  Mike Martin
 Fifth  Hank Schone
 80+ Doubles  First  David Faux
 Second  Ralph Carito
 Third  Bill Herron
 Fourth  Merle Levig


Dick Kincade was selected by his fellow players for the Sportsmanship Award.


MOO 2014 Participants

MOO 2014 Participants



















Men Of October 2013

80-83 Singles First Lewis Edwards
Second Ralph Carito
Third Aaron Vederoff
Fourth Robert Nelson
84+ Singles
First Mike Martin
Second Lake Westphal
Third Hank Schone
80+ Doubles First Ralph Carito
Second Ken Hutton
Third Robert Nelson
Fourth Richard Chaney


Lake Westphal was selected by his fellow players for the Sportsmanship Award. Lake (right) is receiving the Sportsmanship Award from tournament director Greg Steeger (left.)







2013 Participants



Men of October 2012 Results

75-59 Singles First Jerry Northwood
Second Ken Herman
75-79 Doubles First Jerry Northwood
Second Bob Warren
Third Ken Herman
Fourth Camilo Perez
80-84 Singles First Paul Banales
Second Ralph Carito
80+ Doubles First Paul Banales
Second Aaron Vederoff
Third Ralph Waddington
Fourth Robert Nelson
85+ Singles First Dick Kincade
Second Hank Schone



Men of October 2011

Men of October 2011