Swing Into Spring

Swing into Spring  is an open, rotating partners, doubles tournament for men and women 50 and up.


Swing Into Spring 2018

SIS 2018 is sponsored by Larry Ott Realty.

SIS 2018 Video (new YouTube window)

SIS 2018 will be April 5-7, 2018.


Swing Into Spring 2017

SIS 2017 was sponsored by Larry Ott Realty.



  Flight A Flight B Flight C Flight D Friday Singles Saturday Singles
First  John Walsh Ed Pardo Jerry Noonan Bill Ranziger Wayne Peterson Tom Jervinsky
Second  Bruce Pope Don Gunderson Bob Cox  Bob Warren Francis Florey John Walsh
Third  David Huerta Ron Waldron Marylou Furaus  Toby DiCesare    


2017 A Flight















2017 B Flight















2017 C Flight















2017 D Flight
























Swing Into Spring 2016

SIS 2016 was sponsored by Larry Ott Realty.

SIS 2016 was in memory of Mike “Brownie” Brown and Walter Urbach



  Flight A Flight B Flight C Flight D Singles 1 Singles 2
First  John Walsh Don Gunderson Bob Cox Bill Ranziger Jeff Tipton David Black
Second  Bruce Pope Ed Pardo Mike Burie  Ken Moore Jerry Noonan John Walsh
Third  Richard Paul Tom Jervinsky Richard Juhas  Paul Banales    
Fourth  David Huerta Jerry Noonan Jeff Stone Camilo Perez    



All singles players were in one of the doubles flights

Doubles Flight A









Doubles Flight B









Doubles Flight C









Doubles Flight D








































Swing Into Spring 2015

SIS 2015 was sponsored by Larry Ott Realty.



  50-60 61-70 70-75 78+
First Bruce Pope Ed Pardo Jerry Noonan Bob Warren
Second Richard Paul Don Gunderson Bob Cox Ken Moore
Third Kevin Kenkel Ray Bierner Wayne Peterson Paul Banales
Fourth Abe Karimi Dave Roberts Mary Lou Furaus Camilo Perez


SIS2015_5060 50-60 Winners
(left to right)
Richard, Bruce, Abe, Kevin
 SIS2015_6170 61-70 Winners
(left to right)
Don, Dave, Ray, Ed
 SIS2015_7075 70-75 Winners
(left to right)
Bob, Mary Lou, Wayne, Jerry
 SIS2015_78P 78+ Winners
(left to right)
Camilo, Paul, Bob, Ken



Swing Into Spring 2014


Young Doubles Winners

Young Doubles Winners

Less Young Doubles Winners

Less Young Doubles Winners

First Kevin Kenkel
Second David Huerta
Third Ed Pardo
Fourth Don Gunderson
First Wayne Peterson
Second Roger Timian
Third Mary Lou Furaus
Fourth Bob Warren



Swing Into Spring 2013


2013 Pictures 1
2013 Pictures 2
2013 Pictures 3



55-67 Doubles First Kevin Kenkel
Second Bruce Cohen
Third Luis Guerrero
Fourth Mike Brown
68+ Doubles First Wayne Peterson
Second Paul Banales
Third Ron Adams
Fourth Bob Cox

2013 Semis and Finals Scores (pdf) 



Swing Into Spring 2012

2012 Participant Slideshow


55-66 Doubles First Ed Pardo
Second Mike Brown
Third Jeff Tipton
Fourth Dave Roberts
67+ Doubles First Ron Adams
Second Wayne Peterson
Third Mary Lou Furaus
Fourth Maurice Bennett




2012 Participant Slideshow